The role of the Rent Review Surveyor primarily requires a comprehensive knowledge of valuation, however, legal expertise increasingly plays a fundamental part in negotiation. This is more so given the possible intervention of the Government in making The Code of Practice for Commercial Leases mandatory. The far-reaching implications of the Code, both now and for future rent reviews, cannot be overstated.

Lease renewals also continue to prove litigious and the new Civil Procedures Regulations now place a strict timetable by which the Courts must deal with each case. Both landlord and tenant are wise to obtain advice regarding the court procedures and timetables governing lease renewals in good time prior to the lease end.

Attention to detail is important and clauses negotiated now relating to options to break, service charge and repairing obligations will have a material effect on both landlords and tenants potentially for many years.

The partner responsible with over 20 years specialist experience offers a personalised approach supported by the latest information technology. We provide comprehensive and succinct advice on the following.

  • Rent Reviews
  • Lease Renewals
  • Referrals to Arbitration
  • Independent Expert Advice
  • Lease Appraisal
  • Dispute Resolution


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